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Dirty Keyboard

Qwerty Tummy

March 2015

Your keyboard can give you a ‘qwerty tummy’

Do you share a computer or workstation?

How many times have you seen your colleagues eat and drink at the desk and over the keyboard? Just think all those crumbs falling between the keys? How often does it get cleaned? All those biscuits and sandwich crumbs slowly going rotten...yuk!

Of course it is not just from rotting food in your keyboard that you can pick up germs but also from the people around you who have...questionable personal hygiene. So that colleague who you just know hasn't washed his / her hands after a "bathroom break" or who's just sneezed into his / her hands might well be putting you at risk when they touch your desk, computer, keyboard, mouse or telephone.

The consumer magazine “Which” has stated that computer and laptop keyboards harbour harmful bacteria that can give you a “qwerty tummy”. Tests performed on keyboards were compared to tests performed on a lavatory seat and on door handles. The results were horrifying. Some keyboards were found to have five times as much bacteria as on the lavatory seat and door handles. Four were considered a health hazard and one was condemned. Two had “warning levels” of staphylococcus aureus and two others had “worryingly high levels” of coliforms and enterobacteria. These findings are typical of offices all over the world and that could include the one you use.

If you don’t clean your PC, LAPTOP, MOUSE, KEYBOARD or TELEPHONE, you might be safer eating your lunch off a lavatory seat than at your desk!
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