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Helpful Hints on Upgrading, Repairing, Cleaning your Computer or Laptop.

Please make sure you are earthed before attempting an upgrade, repair or cleaning.

Before any cleaning or upgrading is attempted backup any files and programs for cautionary measure, please make sure your computer and monitor are completely turned off and disconnect from the electricity supply.

A good tip for new beginners, take a photograph with your mobile phone of the interior of your computer for future reference in case any components are dislodged.

Check your warranty as some guarantees don’t allow you to tamper with internal parts of your computer or laptops.

Do not attempt to repair or clean the inside of your PSU (Power Supply Unit) or the inside of your monitor. This action could give you an electrical shock. Just blow away the dust build up from the vents with an air duster and our ESD safe cleaning brush.

When you are cleaning fans, hold the blades whilst cleaning to prevent it from spinning too fast and damaging the spindle or bearing.

If you have a noisy fan, remove the label from the centre of the fan and place one or two drops of fine machine oil (hair clipper oil is ideal) replace the label, hopefully that will stop the noise.

When handling components do not touch any contacts with your fingers as the oils from your skin will be left behind and will eventually corrode the contacts, especially on memory sticks and PCI cards.

Cables: Use small cable ties for tying and tidying up the cables; this allows a better air flow and will help to keep things cooler.

Remember, take your time, read any instructions you may have and enjoy doing your upgrade, repairs or cleaning.