Why Should You Use a Wrist Rest?

If you are needing more breaks to rest your tired wrist or your shoulders are tiring out faster…. This may apply to you. There are a few preventative measures we can take for wrist pain, such as: – Taking short breaks to stretch your wrists every hour Stretching your shoulders every 30 minutes Having a…

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Another Interesting Article taken from the Sunday Express on April 24th, 2022 says physiotherapist Miriam Daurat, of Our Health HUB.

What can I do about…? managing arthritis? “Recognising the early stages of a flare-up can be a powerful tool”, “Although flare-ups can occur any time, early warning signs can include worsening symptoms and fatigue – especially after periods of stress or following an infection.” Regular, gentle exercise can help combat stiffness.  “High impact exercises like…

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Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the median nerve is compressed.  The median nerve travels from the neck down the arm to the fingers.  The carpal tunnel is a passageway protecting the median nerve and flexor tendons. When pressure is put on the carpal tunnel, the median nerve becomes overcrowded and can cause pain, numbness, weakness,…

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The key benefits of a Weighted Compression Eye Mask/Pillow

Firstly, what is a weighted Eye Mask/Pillow? A traditional eye mask just blocks out light to help you sleep.  The IMAK Eye Pillow, blocks out light plus with the extra weight within the IMAK Eye Pillow offers additional benefits of pressure therapy. What is Pressure Therapy? Pressure therapy is like a hug, weighted eye masks/pillows…

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Who We Are –

PC Valet Ltd is a small family run business that was started back in 2005 and we have come a long way from when we first started. We first started because Ron, one of the Manging Directors, was trying to buy ESD and cleaning products however, found that it was difficult to purchase one or…

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