Anti-static ESD Grounding Mat Kit – 300 x 600mm (Multiple Colours)


This grounding kit is ideal to place under your keyboard, on the floor beneath your home or office desk, over the arm of your chair or any other place you may need it, stopping the dreaded static shock.

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ESD UK Grounding Discharge Mat Kit – 300 x 600mm Colours: Black, Blue or Grey.

When you place your bare hand, arm or feet on the mat, any static that has built up in your body will be absorbed into the mat and then discharged to ground in less than a second. Make sure you touch the mat on a regular basis.
All of our desktop mats can now take high temperature making them ideal for soldering and gluing stations. Temperature resistance test is performed on the top surface with an adjustable temperature soldering iron. The iron was placed on the mat surface for approximately 10 seconds for each temperature range: 150C – no defect, 200C – no defect, 250C – no defect, 300C slight mark, and 350C burn mark. Solder splash taken at 400C left a very slight mark, whilst using hot glue when cooled and peeled off left a slight white mark behind.


  • The mat is made up of two layers; the top layer is dissipative with the bottom layer being conductive.
  • Mat complies with ESD Association ANSI S4.1 and S20.20 guidelines.
  • Mat thickness: up to 2mm.
  • Mat surface: Dissipative about 10/8 ohms.
  • Mat bottom layer: Conductive about 10/4 ohms.
  • Charge decay to ground: 5000V<50V <0.01second.


  • 1 x 300x600mm Mat (Black, Blue or Grey) with rounded corners.
  • 1 x 1x10mm Stud UK 3 pin Adapter (yellow)
  • 1 x 10mm to 10mm Female Connections 10ft (3048mm) Cable

Additional information

Weight N/A

Black, Blue, Grey



Item(s) Included

1x 10mm to 10mm Female Connections 10ft Cable, 1x 1x10mm Stud UK Adapter, 1x 300x600mm Mat



Country/Region of Manufacture

United Kingdom


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