Printer Paper Path Cleaner (pack of 10/25 A4 sheets)


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AF International Printer Paper Path Cleaner (pack of 10/25 A4 sheets) for fax machines, laser printers and photocopiers.

If you experience toner marks on your documents or notice that there is too much toner on the rollers or in the paper path of your printer, these sheets are ideal for you. Each sheet can be used up to 5 times and can help prolong the life of your printer.

Run a sheet of the AF International Paper Path Cleaner through your printer, as you would with a normal piece of paper. Repeat 4-5 times and discard after use

Please note:
Occasionally this product may not work effectively due to the age of some printers and if there is a big build up of toner. Our customers have found that trying this product before buying a new printer can be very cost effective.

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