ESD Gloves with Non-Slip Silicon Grip


These ESD Gloves feature non-slip silicon grip dots along the palm and fingers. They are ideal for handling motherboards, CPUs, PCI cards, memory sticks, PCBs and more.

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NOSHOCK®  ESD Gloves with Non-Slip Silicon Grip

Use the ESD Gloves with Non-Slip Silicon Grip whilst handling all types of micro-electronics, PC, laptop assembly and packing areas where ESD is a problem. These gloves will prevent oils from your hands and fingers from corroding your electronic components.

  • Good elasticity
  • Round tip finishing
  • Excellent sweat absorbency and ventilation
  • Each glove has a surface resistivity: (10-7/ohms SQ)

Available in:

  • Small (up to 8cm)
  • Medium (up to 9cm)
  • Large (up to 10cm)

Place ruler on your hand and measure at the widest part. Do not include thumb when measuring.

Please note you still need to be grounded when using these ESD gloves.

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